Skip My Line (SML) - Shop Faster, Pick Easier 

Marketplace Super App

  • A one-stop-shop for the products your customers know and love

  • Ease of shopping with online ordering and a variety of pickup options

  • Blazing fast checkout with barcode checkout and age verification

  • Seamless integration with Scobot and existing POS systems

Premier Marketing and Loyalty Program 


  • Grow your average ticket and basket size with micro-marketing

  • Your customers save more every day with an integrated loyalty program

  • Introduce new national and/or local brands to your customers 

Fuel Pump Integration 


  • Seamless integration with your Fuel Pumps


  • Robot connection unifies and integrates all of your systems


Marketing and Analytics 


  • AI powered predictive analytics keeps you ahead of your competition

  • Easy to understand reporting helps you take action on key financial data

  • Develop a deep understanding of your customers and unlock powerful insights on how to better serve them


Let's Grow Your Business Together!