SCOBOT - The Fully Integrated Multi-tasking AI Robot

Realize unprecedented revenue growth, cost savings, and customer satisfaction by deploying a modular multi-purpose Scobot (robot) in your stores.

Do you want fully integrated store automation that is quick to implement and requires minimal store modifications?

What Can ONE Multi-purpose Scobot Do For You?

Customer Checkout and Verification Anywhere


  • Checkout anywhere; inside or outside the store

  • Scobot verifies the customer purchases enhancing retailer confidence

  • Alerts staff and retailer of erroneous transactions for fast action


Automated Inventory Management 


  • Accurate inventory on-hands

  • Physical store shelf stocking and restocking 

  • Inventory order management and replenishment 

Delivery Management

  • Capture more revenue and scale your business without the need for additional headcount

  • Enables businesses to scale to BOPIS (Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store) without adding Labor.

  • Scobots can deliver where and when the customer wants; curbside, at the pump, or through a delivery agent

  • SML app - Required

24/7 Service


  • Robot is available at your service for 24 hours

  • Performs customer checkouts and verification while charging

  • Cuts labor costs rapidly

Shrinkage Loss Mitigation


  • Store Surveillance 

  • Integrates with current security monitoring systems

  • Tactical positioning

  • Instant incident alerts and live feed to your phone

Let's Scobotize Your Store!