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Meet Sclanet's AI Powered Platforms

A Fully Integrated Tri-Fecta


Our user-friendly app empowers consumers and retailers alike. 

For consumers, its shopping and transactions made easy. Just Shop, Skip the Line N Go! 

For retailers, real-time insights optimize their customer experience and provides them with maximum control over store operations. 

  • A Marketplace Super APP

  • Premier Marketing and Loyalty Program

  • Fuel Pump Integration

  • Consumer Insights & Analytics

A One-Stop Shop Marketplace Super APP


Meet Storo! Your AI powered multi-tasking store assistant. A robotic assistant that mimics human abilities. With AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, a multitude of store tasks are executed efficiently and effectively. 

  • Blazing Fast Customer Checkout and Verification Anywhere

  • Automated Inventory Management and Shelf-stocking 

  • Online Order Fulfillment and Delivery Management

  • 24/7 Service 

  • Shrinkage Loss Mitigation with Theft Alerts

A Modular Multi-Tasking Robot Powered by AI

AI / Machine Learning & Computer Vision 

Our proprietary AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision algorithms leverage deep learning models to anticipate needs, optimize inventory and drive personalized experiences. 

  • The upgradable brain that powers the SkipMyLine APP and SCOBOT platforms







Powering Our Entire Product

Our Value Proposition


  • A comprehensive solution for high-staff turnover 

  • Quick Implementation with minimal store modifications

  • AI powered checkouts with age verification

  • Grow your average ticket and basket size with micro-marketing

  • Automated Store Tasks keep labor costs and staffing needs low 

  • Drive additional revenue streams without adding labor costs

  • Mobile alerts for theft monitoring

  • Many more


  • Blazing fast checkout esp. for repeat shoppers

  • Barcode checkout for verified shoppers

  • Save more every day with an integrated loyalty program

  • Unified app - one stop shopping with the Skip My Line marketplace app

  • Ease of shopping with online ordering

  • Mitigate fraud with secure in-app payments 

  • Many more

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